Artmatr is a collaborative, cross disciplinary research group helping to pioneer the next generation of painting tools for use in the fine arts, interior design and advertising. We are a coalition of artists, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs spanning multiple universities, corporate and individual partners, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY and Konstanz University in Baden-W├╝rttemberg Germany, the Bluedge Corporation, Reliabotics LLC, and many others.

Although specializing in Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Robotic Painting, Artmatr is developing a customized integration platform to quickly and intuitively utilize multiple input and output tools from any manufacturer. Nearly every creative domain has been transformed over the past 2 decades through digital technology, changing the creative process itself, while simultaneously creating upheavals and new paradigms in productivity, distribution, marketing and general democratization of the discipline on every level. Painting is the last domain yet to be transformed in this fashion but is just beginning to make the shift. Digital input devices have become ubiquitous (Wacom, iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface) and inexpensive along with multiple painting software applications (Adobe suite, Brushes Redux, ArtRage, Fresh Paint). As attractive as these digital tools have become, there still exists no commercial output device to recreate the same effects physically. While 2D (one-layer digital printing, i.e. inkjet and laser printing) has excelled along with the more recent 3D printing capabilities for objects, the realm of the "2.5D" (relatively flat media composed of multiple layers) offers no commercial options. All of the digital products created to simulate the effects of varied translucency and viscosity remain "locked" within the virtual space with no hardware to realize these ideas in physical form...until now.

Artmatr is creating the technology and simultaneously lowering the entry barrier to allow anyone to custom build his/her own system based on their needs, sensibilities, and aesthetic preferences.

Through using a series of tactile brushes and airbrushes attached to CNC's or 6 axis robots, inkjet technology is allowing enormous freedom in effectively calibrating digital input to authentic output. Through a combination of flatbed printers and handheld devices Artmatr is both inviting artists to create works in our facilities in New York and Boston, and create their own systems through our toolkits.