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Painting is the last creative domain to be transformed by digital technology.

Artmatr is an international open-source community of artists and engineers working to merge digital technology with traditional painting methods.

Despite powerful input devices for artists like the iPad Pro, Surface Tablet, and Wacom products, and software like Photoshop, ArtRage, and Procreate, there is no way to bring digital paintings into the real world.

While Photoshop is the artist’s sketchbook of today, there is yet no clear pathway to turn digital works into richly layered paintings – 2.5D. We’ve spent years generating this new technology and it is only just beginning.

Artmatr curates artists and engineers of all types, to both create and play with new tools, and hack existing ones. The result, an unprecedented art/tech playground for anyone, of any age, technical background or discipline, to make outrageously great stuff.

If you’re a creative interested in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, get in touch and come visit one of our labs.

We are the driving force behind the next great crossover of our time, digital and physical art.


Artmatr Labs are designed around generating feedback between tool-makers and visual artists of all kinds. Artists and engineers mix it up with both cutting-edge and old-school technologies to expand the boundaries of artists’ creative potential.

The result is an art/tech playground for anyone, of any age, technical background or discipline, to make outrageously great work.


Matr Paint – A 2.5D painting process, both digital and physical, used to build up rich surfaces on any substrate with a high degree of human – machine interaction.

Processes include (but are not limited to) oil-based and UV curable digital printing technology, robotics, AI, digital imaging software and old-fashioned elbow grease.


What is 2.5D?

The current printing industry has excelled in both 2D (completely flat media) and 3D (three dimensional objects). The entire spectrum of creating richly layered surfaces with both color and texture is still without any obvious fabrication tool. This applies to painting, architectural facades, interior design, industrial design and advertising.


Artmatr is leveraging the enormous accomplishments that have been made in the sphere of digital printing, opening the technology to develop custom inkjet tools, mechanized brushes of all kinds and intuitive interfaces for artists of every inclination and sensibility. We believe the next generation of artist tools and the creative community around their development should define the burgeoning industry of 2.5D



Are you an artist, designer, or engineer? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line!



44 W 18th St.
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011

Artmatr is co-located with the Bluedge printing company.



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