9/28/18 Newsletter


Thank You

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to Artmatr’s inaugural Open Lab night to celebrate Raghava KK’s new body of work, M.T.F. (Mysterium, Tremendum, et Fascinans). 

Thursday, September 13th, multidisciplinary artist and storyteller Raghava KK debuted a new collection of paintings created using Artmatr’s oil-based ink printer and a variety of experimental substrates. The exhibition was accompanied by an artist talk and a musical performance by Morgan Weidinger

Check out available works for sale: https://www.artmatr.co/series

Raghava KK painting alongside Artmatr’s oil-based ink printer

Raghava KK painting alongside Artmatr’s oil-based ink printer



Upcoming Collaborations

Our next Open Lab night, which will showcase new bodies of work created by our artists in the Artmatr NYC Lab, will be this November (date and time TBA). 

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Don Eddy


Barnaby Furnas


Maria Kreyn



Artmatr Lab partner, Kate Stone/Novalia, will soon be debuting Touchscapes, an interactive sensitive table mat that helps children learn through immersive play, as part of Amazon Alexa Gadgets for Kids.

“We have dreamed of creating experiences with Alexa for years. Through Alexa Gadgets, this magical soundscape and immersive experience is finally possible for our products!” 

-Kate Stone, Novalia Founder and CEO 

Novalia's innovation plays in the space between the physical and digital using beautiful, tactile printed touch sensors to connect people, places, and objects. Interactive touch sensitive surfaces, often as thin as a piece of paper, trigger sounds from their surfaces and/or send information to the internet.