Artists need to unite their physical & digital assets within the virtual economy.

Artmatr builds the bridge

Artmatr is an art/tech playground for interdisciplinary creatives to make unique phygital artworks unlike anything else available today.

Artmatr is the world’s first art genome platform for authentic fabrication, mutation, and phygital NFTs. We run community studios, commercial labs, and a distributed marketplace for artists to create, fabricate and sell unique works directly to collectors.

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Artist Developer Kit

For physical and digital artists:


Capture the entire creative process (metadata) in the form of code, print files, videos, 3D scans, recipes and sales history. Every step is captured and encoded as part of the Art Genome.


Simulate unique expressions of your work through art genome manipulation.


Artists have two options:

  1. Sell the phygital NFT (pNFT) including the ERC-721 Token, access to specific metadata and the physical painting.
  2. Sell the NFT including the ERC-721 Token and access to the metadata containing a specific algorithmic process and smart contract details for future fabrication.

How It Works Components:

Art Genome

Visualization, storage system and history of the entire life cycle of specific artworks.

Phygital NFT's (pNFT)

Tokenized physical paintings offering access to specific metadata from the creation and fabrication process.

Robotic Painter

Modular painting machines to fabricate unique paintings in oil, on any surface, at virtually any scale.

Artist Development Kit

Collection of software and hardware tools needed encoding the complete creative process for physical and digital works in order to fabricate, mint and sell unique genomic expressions as phygital NFTs.

Encode Fabricate Sell

Robotically paint unique (1 of 1) physical works directly from the metadata encoded in the Art Genome.

The Artmatr Team

Ben Tritt,
Founder & Creative Director


Kobi Markovich,


Jeff Leonard,
Art Code Invent


Gen Leonard,
Studio assistant
Jake Sorscher,
Mechanical engineer
Kay Pike,
Studio manager
Owen Trueblood,
Roboticist-in residence
Marquise Stillwell
(Openbox Design)

Co-founder & board member
Matt Lowe

Co-founder & board member
Tal Achituv
(Samsung Next)

Technology advisor
Alana Podreicks
(Eve Wealth)

Business advisor
Kelly Dobson

Technology advisor
Michael Klein

Business advisor
Pip Mothersill
(MIT Media Lab)

UX Strategy advisor
Erik Stern
(Stern Capital)

Business advisor