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Ben Tritt



Ben Tritt is a New York based artist working in the field of trans-disciplinary art and design. Traditionally trained as a painter, Ben founded the Goliath Institute of Art (2007), focused on Art and Architecture, and cofounded the Jerusalem Studio School (1998) teaching traditional painting and drawing. 

Ben has exhibited in multiple international galleries including Salander O’Reilly galleries and Haim Chanin. He has also completed several large-scale public commissions in New York, Paris and Tel Aviv, including Bryant Park, NYC and the Rue de Luvre, Paris.

His most recent installation is Analogia, Installation at Bryant Park, the largest free-standing work of its kind integrating two 60-foot paintings within an architectural and sculptural design ( The two towering painted facades feature 14 images inspired by sculptures from the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ben founded Artmatr in 2014.



Born in Brooklyn, NY,  1972.

Ben currently resides in New York City, where has been working on commissions for indoor and outdoor spaces.



Raghava KK



Raghava KK, named by CNN as one of the 10 most remarkable people of 2010, is a multidisciplinary artist and storyteller whose work is shown in galleries and museums around the world.

Having quit formal education at the age of 18 to start his career as a newspaper cartoonist, Raghava is today considered one of India's most successful young artists. Raghava also applies his artistic practice beyond the gallery space. He is actively involved in a radical education initiative, NuVu Studios, an offshoot of Harvard and MIT, to redefine creativity in education.

In 2011, Raghava's iPad book "Pop-it" shook up the concept of the ideal family and won a Kirkus Book Award for Best of 2011. His current work attempts to combine art and technology to bring multiple perspectives into the deployment of knowledge. He recently demoed his brainwave art at TED2013 in Long Beach.

Raghava is a four-time TED speaker, and he has lectured at several universities and art institutions, including NYU, Carnegie Mellon, the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, etc. He serves on the NuVu advisory and has also advised the INK Conference, Singularity University, Innoz, Startup Village, Nytric, and Banto.

Raghava often collaborates with other artists, including Erykah Badu, Paul Simon, and Yann Vasnier, a FIFA Award winning perfumer. He lives and works in New York and Bangalore, India. He is currently working on his next show to open up his artwork to invite participation and redefine the role of the spectator.



Born in Bangalore, India, 1980




Maria Kreyn



Maria Kreyn is a Russian born figurative artist. Deeply indebted to the western tradition of painting evident in the Baroque and Romantic periods, Maria reframes these techniques to tell a story of human intimacy and ceremony, investigating the liminal state of simultaneous connection and detachment. 

Her work was recently featured as a focal point and narrative vehicle in the ABC TV drama The Catch:

Maria currently lives in New York City. Her studio is in Brooklyn. 

Write to for further information, available work, studio policy, and terms and conditions of sales.


University of Chicago, (mathematics/philosophy), class of 2008
School of Representational Art, Chicago, 2004-2005
Angel Studios, Toronto, 2004



Born in Russia, 1987
Maria lives and works in New York City
Write to for further information, available work, studio policy, and terms and conditions of sales



Annie Tritt



Each of Annie’s images tells a story, looking to reveal the mystery of what is behind our eyes and our hearts. This is what intrigues her – to bring humanity through her lens to the subjects we think we know as well as to those we don’t.

Annie grew up in NY and got her start in photography though photojournalism, after several other careers. Photography has taken her to Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Mexico.



Annie currently lives in Manhattan, where she is inspired by her beautiful twin daughters who can be seen photographed throughout her work.



john romano

IMG_3291_Stephen-Jerry Lee_Genoa Lane_1500w.jpg


John began telling visual stories, shooting his first film for a 7th grade history project with his father’s Super 8 movie camera. He began shooting professionally after moving to Jerusalem, Israel in 1997 after finishing his 2 year service with the US Peace Corps in Post-Soviet Central Asia.

Influenced early on by the cinematic movement of Italian Neo-Realism, whose directors utilized a realist aesthetic to tell stories of the working class and their concerns, John’s images are informed by his experiences as a teacher and development worker in the Muslim farming communities of southern Kyrgyzstan, his long term residence in Israel, and his study and consideration of ancient near eastern history and religion at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“I could make a film in front of a wall if I knew how to find the data of man's true humanity and how to express it.” - Luchino Visconti



John is currently based in New York City